1000kW Generator

When the most power is needed, Gen Power’s largest generator, the 1000kW enclosed generator system can supply the job. This powerful generator has a hospital grade exhaust silencer. The sound level at no load is rated at 76.5 dbA, at full load this generator is rated at 80.6 dbA at 7 meters, which is about as loud as your average lawn mower.
Key Features
  • Three Phase – 208, 480 V.
  • 3200 amp three pole main circuit breaker, with adjustable LSI trip.
  • 1000 gallon double wall U.L. 142 fuel supply tank.
  • Floor mounted spill container pan.
  • Exterior mounted customer connection panel, for AC wiring and 50a/240v Shore Power.
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30 Feet
8 Feet
13 Feet 5.75 inches
Weight with full fuel tank
49,000 lbs.
Prime Rating
Multiple Voltages
- Single Phase
- Three Phase
208, 480 V
Average Fuel Consumption
- At 100% capacity
65.7 gph
Fuel Tank
1000 gallon double wall U.L. 142 tank
Generator is not intended for use in enclosed areas or where free flow of air is restricted.
Backfeed to a utility system can cause electrocution, shock and/or property damage. DO NOT connect to any building's electrical system except through an approved device or qualified electrical contractor.
Features and equipment specifications subject to change. Please consult Gen Power for details.
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