HYDRONIC 24/30/35

HYDRONIC 16 Coolant Heater

Espar’s coolant heaters work independently of the engine and thus offer a double plus: pre-heating the vehicle’s passenger compartment and the engine. The heaters are integrated in the cooling system of the engine. The thermal energy gained is then distributed through the vehicle’s own heat exchanger as forced hot air and this heats the interior of the vehicle via existing air vents. The engine is warmed up with the residual heat in the cooling water.
HYDRONIC 24/30/35
Diesel Variant
Heat Flow
120,000 btu/hr
Fuel Consumption
0.88 gal/hr
Mean Electric Power In Operation
5.0 amps
40 lbs
24 x 9 x 8.8 in
Gasoline Variant
Hydronic MII-8
Hydronic MII-10
Hydronic MII-12
Additional Heaters

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